We are a Telecommunications Solutions Integrator with wide experience in the regional market. We have an extended portfolio of products and services that include the technological infrastructure for any type of organizations.

We offer value added solutions to enterprises and organizations that are looking for incorporating high-level technology to improve business productivity and have more control and information about it.

Our solutions are for one site or multi sites, in both cases in any region of CALA and with in-house consultant teams (on premises), in the cloud or in a combination of both options, depending on the solutions that will be deployed.

To be the regional integrated communications company, trusted advisor, recognized for the excellence of the solutions we offer and the services we provide.

Interconnect is an Argentinian Company, founded in 1996 with the goal of selling equipment and bringing services to telecommunications platforms that provided the best solution to each customer, no matter the brand chosen. We bring a complete value added solution to our customers’ needs, which allows them to increase their productivity.

Since 2004, Interconnect started their regionalization plan with the creation of different subsidiaries along CALA (Caribbean and Latin America) with the goal of having a better human resources distribution in the region. Finally, Ix USA, Ix Peru, Ix Chile and Ix Colombia were founded. The regionalization plan keeps going and being in permanent analysis to extend the coverage and simplify future businesses with our customers.

Following our regional development, in 2019 we added a new branch in Brazil, consolidating a large portion of CALA.

The regionalization plan is still underway with the aim of expanding coverage and facilitating future business with our clients.