We offer value added solutions to enterprises and organizations that are looking for incorporating high-level technology to improve business productivity and have more control and information about it.

All the solutions integrate one or more leader-in-specific-segment vendors to guarantee quality and future evolution of our solutions.

Our solutions are for one site or multi sites, in both cases in any region of CALA and with in-house consultant teams (on premises), in the cloud or in a combination of both options, depending on the solutions that will be deployed.

Unified Communications complete solutions (voice, data, image, IM, etc.) in corporate environments, for one site and multi-site networks. It includes both wired and wireless solutions (WiFi or mobile).

We offer turnkey Data Center solutions. Energy, illumination, passive components (racks, wires – UTP and OF), intelligent patching, data equipment, air conditioning, fire extinction, access control, remote monitoring, etc. Solutions can be in-site, off-site or in the cloud.

Contact Center complete platform solution with mixed deployment of local or remote agents.

Provision of wiring solutions: electricity, high performance data (UTP and OF), access control, CCTV, BSM, and everything that a building must have today to improve and be more efficient at the service of customer needs.

Video solution development for in and out (3rd parties) communication, for physical security in building or outdoor or street, complementing with specific applications for customer like patent reading (LPR), biometrics, etc., trending to minimize the human resource intervention that have to be exclusively dedicated to these systems. All the systems can be monitored remotely.

Solutions in extended areas or regions where several of the previous detailed solutions could be integrated, but in more complex environments with indoor and outdoor combination. Here we add transmission solutions over any physical environment (cupper-OF-radio).