In IX SPO, we offer more than high class technology and solutions. To associate with us means for a customer to have access to overqualified professionals of the telecommunications industry, which will help him develop his business, reach the market faster, reduce Opex, agilize operations and guarantee a service high availability.

IX SPO can help develop operator’s IP infrastructure, high-capacity transmission via FO, POPs and Data Centers, with regional scope, taking into account the technological considerations of tomorrow. And we can help them to do it in a transparent, profitable and appropriate way for their end users.

We help design, deploy, operate and manage complex and multi-vendor solutions. With a solid definition of requirements and a firm commitment to management principles, we help deliver projects on time and according to the budget. Our experts can provide network planning and consulting, together with the evolution of technology, with the highest standards.

IX SPO can help operators change their resources into core strategic functions, while providing external expertise, perspective and reduced operating expenses. We offer managed services and strategic outsourcing capabilities in telecommunication networks.

Our engineers can develop and run MOPs for migrations and introductions of new equipment to the network (even the most complex ones), and can develop test cases to fully validate CPE configurations without affecting existing operations.

Rely on the installation, configuration, deployment and testing of new IX SPO network equipment. With deployments already completed in all CALA, we have the experience and the necessary staff to do the job well.

We do not ignore the project after finishing it. We can provide OSS resources and do preventive and corrective maintenance in the network, according to the needs of the operators. We also have staff for care and management of NOC 365x7x24.